Yu-ling (Tracy) is a National Taiwan University alumni with a double major in Law and Economics and a minor in International Business. Born and raised in Tapei City, Taiwan, she went to study in Palmerston North, New Zealand before college. Individually invited by the Chair of Economics at UC-Berkeley and granted with scholarship, she had the opportunity to attend the Semester-Abroad Program as a visiting student. Being a passionate Taiwan delegate, Yu-ling dedicated her expertise in Future World Leader Summit and the Crosss-Straits Youths Exchange Program in China. She also served as an NTU Student Ambassador for the visit of Harvard Asia Law Society and Wharton MBA Greater China. In 2008, she received training in McKinsey Mentorship Program. After September 2010, she will be going to Peking University for a master's degree in Economic Law.

Joining the symphonic bands for 10 years, Yu-ling plays the piano, flute, piccolo, violin, cello and clarinet and currently serves as a church pianist. Tracy also has a great affection towards animals. She is the owner of 3 dogs, 1 Yorkshire terrier and 2 chihuahuas. She used to raise 7 hamsters for 2 years.



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